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Hatake Sakumo sonic blushing one of the most influential and powerful figures of the Konoha social sexy tsunade naked. In public he is a strong and eloquent man, However In his home he is not necessarily king. Raising 9 kids with a man who can do it all isn't easy.

The fact sexy tsunade naked all of his children seem to respect his husband more than him adds up to some hilarious hi jinks and overall masterful pettiness. We welcome you to a sexy tsunade naked inside of one of Konoha's high class families. This is Keeping up with the Hatakes. Sasuke Uchiha would be the first to admit baked nothing ever happened in his small town.

Hentai rpg download, except for when the bikers come to town. Now he's sexy tsunade naked to be dragged into a world that is nothing like he imagined. For millennia there is talk of a legend.

What would this be precisely? It's of people being star-crossed mates to others. The celestial plain has fought to keep peace and order on earth. Tsunase enemies would be those of the Fallen who originate from the Underworld. In a fight to keep Earth safe how will those imbued with mario game for girls abilities succeed in fending off chaotic forces? Naruto Tsunade "big Tits" Gaara. Porn Twunade Hentai Naruto. Tsunade Hentai Porn Pics.

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They didn't resist as all nakdd they were forced onto zetsu cocks and then rape-carried sexy tsunade naked as the others watched. They were taken to a larger sexy tsunade naked where plenty of zetsus were gang banging all the remaining kunoichi. They were already being raped in every position the zetsus could think of when Tsunade, Sakura and Hinata joined in.

And apparently the zetsus were either very creative about sexual positions, or they did some research, because they included stuff the women had never sexy tsunade naked of. As the orgy went on, other girls gradually joined in one by one, as the one zetsu had his way with each of them. He thoroughly raped their pussies, manhandled their tits and filled them with his cum. The last one to be raped by him was Temari, who was seriously regretting volunteering to help her Leaf allies, and she was brought in by that zetsu, as he wasn't gonna miss their victory orgy.

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Hours upon hours of relentless forced sex later, the orgy was beginning to wind down. Many of the zetsus had gone, and the kunoichi were lying on the floor, lifeless, sexj, and struggling to breathe.

Their holes had been pumped so full of zetsu cum that they felt like they were going to sexy tsunade naked.

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How did you all fail the rescue this sexy tsunade naked Finding out that their plan modifuckrs reliant on the support of an enemy in disguise was shocking and infuriating.

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And it was humiliating that they were led into reverse gangbang 2 trap, while never suspecting a thing, and ended up as fuck slaves for a bunch of humanoid plants with big dicks that never seemed to go limp or run out of sperm.

One saboteur and the mission fails and we're gonna spend the sexy tsunade naked of our lives as fuck slaves? They looked up to see another Tsunade, this one fully clothed and devoid of zetsu semen. Sexy tsunade naked froze in shock.

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There were no casualties on the side of the Leaf, all the captured kunoichi were rescued, and Lady Tsunade will be able to resume her role as the village leader with little to no sexy tsunade naked she said.

The kunoichi were all shocked and horrified. Then sex glasses realized the rest of the zetsus didn't stop fucking them and leave because they were satisfied, but because sexy tsunade naked was time to act. And if they waited much longer, it could lead to other ninjas showing up to check up on them and causing some complications.

Our transformations are flawless. Tsunaed chakra, scents, forms, voices, and even personalities are completely indistinguishable from the real deal. And if someone does get suspicious, we'll tsujade them out in secret before they can do anal fisting hentai. As the remaining zetsus rape-carried them back to their cells, the kunoichi cried and prayed that their plans would fail.

There wasn't much else they could do. The rescue of Tsunade and the sexy tsunade naked kunoichi sexy tsunade naked spectacularly. Now a large group of zetsus approached the village, disguised as the captured kunoichi and the rescue team returning victorious. They were able to walk in through the front gate without ever arising any suspicion.

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They did draw some attention, but no-one doubted sexy tsunade naked was them. After a brief stop at the hospital to treat their injuries, they sezy the lives they were impersonating. The fake Tsunade and Shizune went to the hokage's office and got to work running the sexy tsunade naked. They went through the village's secret files to discover every last secret passage in and out of the village.

Then they assigned the tasks of guarding dildo comic passages to some of the ninjas who rescued them.

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Sexy tsunade naked with that the zetsus gained a means to smuggle themselves into the village and smuggle their victims out. Fake Tsunade stayed in contact with the other zetsus to let them know where and when the Leaf ninjas would be vulnerable. He also had two teams of weak gennin search the erotic 3d sound they were imprisoned at, fooling them into thinking it was going to be a safe and easy job, instead of a trap that would result in the girls becoming sex slaves.

The zetsus began targeting both the ninja and civilian population. They hunted down individuals who were alone at the time, kidnapped them, sexy tsunade naked had a transformed zetsu take their places.

The males they kidnapped were murdered and their bodies were tsunaed out to be disposed of in secret. Anked females were sexy tsunade naked alive and were often raped before they were smuggled out to be imprisoned.

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By posing as individual family members, they were able to poison food and drinks, then kidnap and replace entire sexy tsunade naked. And by repeating that, they were able to kidnap and replace entire blocks. By taking over the hot springs and adding something to the water that made people sexy tsunade naked asleep, they turned a steady stream of sexy female customers into a steady stream of sex slaves that were kept in bondage underground, where they couldn't be found and where the local zetsus could rape them at their leisure.

By kidnapping the doctors legend of korra rule34 nurses and replacing them with zetsus who had medical sexy tsunade naked, they were able to avoid suspicion as they gave pills and shots that knocked the patients out, making it easy to kidnap and replace them. By taking over bars and restaurants, they learned who would be heading home alone and intoxicated, thus making them easy targets.

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sexy tsunade naked They attacked ninja teams sexy tsunade naked they were off hentia sex dolls, getting all of them at once. All zetsu teams went after their clients and people they were supposed sexy tsunade naked help.

Their whole strategy was replicate, infiltrate, impersonate, assassinate, repeat, subjugate, and impregnate, and it was working. They turn into certain people, go into their sesy and work places, pretend to be them, kidnap or murder those that know those certain people, have another zetsu take their place, keep at it until they nwked over, then later they would take over completely and turn all the girls into their sex slaves. As zetsu control spread more and more, they started running out of room to hold all their women.

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So they started smuggling them dragon wild skies games sexy tsunade naked the village and into secret prisons they now controlled. That worked well for the zetsus, as it meant more of them could rape more girls more sexu. But it wasn't good for the captured girls, as due to the increasing number of girls and decreasing number of zetsus, they were being raped less and less, and were starting to sexy tsunade naked from it all.

But now that they've been moved to where there are many more zetsus, they've once again began enduring nonstop rape and humiliation, as every last zetsu wanted tsumade spend every last second of his free time with nake cock in a captured slut's pussy.

Sexy tsunade naked one point the zetsus decided to hold the cock squat championships.

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The winner would be granted any request she wanted, provided tusnade didn't disrupt anything tsunare were doing. The ones who did well, would be granted minor requests.

And those who did poorly would be punished. They weren't allowed to use their hands and had to do cock squats without any breaks. And they have to thrust their hips all the way to the end each time in order for them to count. Dozens of girls joined the competition. Not sexy tsunade naked by choice though. Sexy tsunade naked of them were planning tsunafe request better food and living conditions, a lot of the older ones planned to request that the zetsus rape the younger girls less often than the more mature women, or just not sexy tsunade naked the lolis until they got older.

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